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Electro Permanent Lifting Magnets Principles And Advantages

May 06,2017

Recently, with the manufacturing many sets of large steel sheet electro permanent lifting magnets, but, many customer still don’t know this device working principles and solutions. Today I specially introduction HVR products for everyone.

Unique electro permanent magnets technique using double magnets system, two permanent magnets used as magnetic source. Internal magnetic circuit distribution control and conversion through the electronic control system. So that the permanent magnetic field in the system within the balance, external appearance for the demagnetization of the state( that is non-magnetic clamping); Or release to the working permanent magnet magnetic pole surface, external representation of the magnetic clamping state (clamping state), It’s also known as electronic control permanent magnet.

The conversion between the two working states of the permanent magnet spreader is achieved by applying a short current pulse to the reversible permanent magnet group therein to change its polarity, and no additional current maintenance is required during the lifting process. For this reason, the coil wound on the reversible permanent magnet group is not damaged by heat, unlike the conventional electromagnet, which is necessary for repair due to frequent electromagnetic coil damage. In addition, the permanent magnetic lifting spreader does not include mechanical parts that may be damaged, and its compact structural design ensures minimal maintenance requirements.

Unlike electromagnets, there is no need to worry about falling steel sheets due to cable failures during material handling, so there is no need to change cables as frequently as electromagnet spreaders when developing inspection procedures To achieve the purpose of taking preventive measures, a significant reduction in maintenance needs.

As the electro permanent magnet is only in the workpiece lifting and down when the need for a short current pulse (a few seconds) for the state transition, and in the lifting process of the workpiece does not require current maintenance. So its power consumption is minimal, almost zero.

Electro permanent lifting magnets uesd for transport, load and unload, it does not lose the magnetic clamping when power failure, energy-saving convenience of low labor costs, to replace the traditional electromagnet, hand plate permanent magnet, sling and other handling equipment, become a good helper for new generation of manufacturing industry.

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