Apr 28,2017

The Queensland rail is the leading state-operated owned company, which take care of train railway road construction, repair, etc. It also owns and maintains approximately 8,000 km of track in Queensland.

Because of power supply is not available in the workplace, so customer prefers to use permanent electromagnet with battery powered function. Also they wish this special lifting magnet safety factor no less than 3 times.

But it is not so easy to find good company who can reach their need in Australia, so they turn help to HVR MAG Australia distributor.

When HVR MAG got this requirement, talent engineer added electro permanent lifting magnet with battery source as the main power supply.

After three months strictly test and 2 years actual running, this special permanent electromagnet system is totally accepted by customer.The engineer of Queensland rail feel very happy about this result and wish establish more deep cooperation with HVR MAG.

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